Who is Jesus?


There are trillions of Google searches each year. Google Trends revealed that Aussie's wanted to know 'Who Jesus is' more than anyone else! Obviously, this is an important and relevant question for us today!
It seems though that everyone has an opinion on who Jesus is. Many say Jesus is irrelevant, outdated and not for me. Others will say he is just a good bloke with great teaching like ‘turn the other cheek’ or ‘love your neighbour’. So who is he and how can we know?
In amongst all the opinion, we believe the bible gives us the best way of knowing who Jesus is and the importance of what he has done for the world, and what this means for us today.
Jesus is God himself, and came to earth as a human being. He lived a perfect life; was crucified on a cross and three days later came back to life. He came to restore and put everything right again - the world and humanity - by setting up a Kingdom marked by love and justice and inviting people in. Through his life, death and life again, He paved the way for you to enjoy a relationship with God and a meaningful life now and into the future.
Jesus can make sense of your life in a way that nothing else or no one else can. He said 'I am the way the truth and the life'. Now that is big claim, but if there is a chance it could be real, isn't it worth checking out? Maybe he's not irrelevant or outdated. Maybe he's exactly what you need.



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