Looking for a playgroup?


At our playgroup you can meet other families from your local community and share playtime with your child. Our program includes free play, art & craft, morning tea (fruit), music, singing and stories. Please bring a piece of fruit to share, a hat and sunscreen during terms 1 & 4 and a sense of fun. Playgroups run from 10:00am-11:30am on Thursday during the school term. There is a $3 cost per child. We would love to give you your first week free so that you can experience our playgroup for yourself.
For more details about this program please contact us or check out our diary.




Looking for a children's program?


Our children's program happens during our 9:30am worship service. The program includes children from 2 years old to grade 6. We provide a safe, secure environment for kids to have fun, make friends and learn about God with a mixture of games, activities, worship, stories and discussions.
Our welcomers at the front door can introduce you to the children's team, or please approach anyone in a blue t-shirt with a "Lighthouse Kids" logo for help. Kids from grade 3-6 start their program at 9:30am. Younger kids start in church and then get taken by their parents to their program a little later.
At RBC we value children and make the protection of children a high priority. Our children's program happens in a secure area with a single point of entry/exit (except in emergencies!) which is locked and monitored. All children are registered as they enter the program and all leaders complete Police Checks, reference checks and induction and wear photo ids and uniform t-shirts.




Have children less than 2y.o.?


For those with babies and toddlers there is a space provided where you can care for your child's needs and even let them move freely in a secure area while you remain part of the service.




Check out our Youth Group.


Every Friday night during school term the youth of RBC meet at the church at 7:00pm for a night of activities, games, outings and all sorts of organised mayham. These nights are all about having fun and making friends. All events start and finish at the church.
For details of what the youth group are doing this week please check out our diary.
If you need to contact a leader or your child during Youth please call John McDonald 0477 577 773.

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In Community


The young adults at RBC love getting together, building frienships and sharing life together. As well as the informal events that happen this group gets together regularly for breakfast on a Saturday morning. There is also an annual camping trip on the October long weekend where everyone can have some fun together and build relationships.

On Mission


RBC's young adult community is more than just a social group. We believe in making a difference in the world around us. Each year we send a group to Victor Harbour as part of the "Green Team" during schoolies week where we help school leavers to celebrate in a safe and fun environment. Also, each year a group of young adults goes to Cambodia as volunteers to help the local community.

Growing Together


Groups of young adults meet regularly to pray, study the bible and support each other.